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I’m David Aronson the managing photographer and videographer behind PhotoGuy. Thank you for choosing me for your visual marketing services! I’m looking forward to working with you to produce beautiful images. Let’s get that home sold quickly.

The terms of our agreement are below. They govern our relationship and your use of my products. Please read them so that we both have a clear understanding of expectations while working together.

Photographer. David Aronson

E-Mail. david@photoguy.com

Mobile Phone. (954) 526-1234


COVID-19 Update. I’m open with normal hours. I wear a mask and respect 6’ social distancing. Sellers can help by having their homes ready for photos, putting away personal effects and hygiene items, and reducing the number of people present at the shoot.

Pricing. All my current pricing information can be found online on my Services page. Even though photos and videos take about the same time to shoot, video editing is much more time intensive, and that is why there is a price difference between the two mediums.

Availability. You can check the schedule availability on the Booking page. If a date and time IS showing, then I’m available. If a date and time is NOT showing, then I am not available on that date. Simple, huh?!

Available Time Slots.

Mon - Fri: 7am | 11am | 3pm

Sat - Sun: 10am | 2pm

Time Required. Most of my real estate shoots take about 2 hours for 10 brilliant photos, and up to 3 hours for 20 quality images (1 time slot allows for unpacking gear, shooting, re-packing, time to next appointment, lunch, etc). Video requires about 2 hours and if a drone footage is added, then this will take about 1 additional hour. If we are doing photos AND videos then we will need 2 time slots (1 deposit, 2 time slots).

Deposit Required. A $50 deposit is all that is required to reserve an available time slot. This deposit will be applied as a credit to your final bill; assuming no issues with last minute cancellations or rescheduling (see “Cancellations” below).

Home Preparation. Properties will be photographed in an "as-is" condition. To ensure that your appointment runs as quickly and smoothly as possible, please make sure that the house is clean and photo-ready. I have written a checklist called, “Prepare A Home For Photos” that you may find handy to print or email the link to the homeowner.

Crowd Control. Agents and/or owners can be present if they would like, but pets will need to be secured. Images will not have people or pets in the frame, so there may have to be some “people-moving” between rooms (grin). Special Requests. There is a designated area on my booking form called, “Additional Instructions - Services - Lockbox Combo”. This is where you can specify if there are areas that you would like me to focus on, or avoid. Typically I do not photograph closets, utility rooms, extra storage units, or garages unless specifically requested. If you would like one or more of these areas to be photographed, be sure to request it in this designated area, and I will also notate your preferences in my system. If you have a drone shot idea or a front gate combination, this is also the place to share that information.

Cancel or Reschedule. I’m a “one-man-show” so I have implemented an online booking service to handle your scheduling needs. Online you can schedule, cancel or reschedule up to 3 hours prior to the original appointment.

Registering for an account is optional, but creating an account will streamline your time with future bookings, and allow you to cancel and reschedule your own appointments right up until 3 hours of the original appointment time! After payment of the $50 deposit, there is a green button near the bottom of the page that says, “Create An Account”. You can also create an account by using this link, at any time.

If you don’t want to create an account, you can still cancel or reschedule by using the appointment confirmation email that will be sent to you after paying the deposit. You will have the option to reschedule this appointment by clicking the "Change/Cancel Appointment" button in the email.

3 Hour Cancellation Limit. If the shoot is canceled, postponed or rescheduled within 3 hours of the original appointment, a $50 fee will apply. This fee would also apply to homes that I couldn’t gain access to or are not “photo-ready”.

Inclement Weather. No charge to reschedule due to poor weather.

Payments. After I have confirmed your appointment with you, I will then email an invoice with a payment link for the remaining balance through Stripe Payments (https://stripe.com). This remaining balance can be paid anytime prior to File Delivery. Image files are not delivered until all fees have been paid.

File Delivery Time. Photos will be digitally delivered within 24 hours via an email link (same-day delivery is available for an additional $50 fee). Videos will be delivered within 48 hours (next-day delivery is available for an additional $100 fee).

Photography Agreement. If you’d like more information, please reference the bottom half of the Terms of Service page.

Discounts. When you refer another agent to me and they book an appointment, not only do you get a $50 credit to go toward your next upcoming shoot, but the agent that you have referred will also receive a $50 credit for their first shoot!

Thank you

Thanks for trusting me to help you market your listings. I’m looking forward to working with you and creating some beautiful images in the process.


Intro. This “Agreement” governs your use of real estate photography services, design services, and related photographs and images (collectively, the “Images”), for the “property” specified in the attached Invoice. Your hiring of David Aronson, payment of the Invoice, or use of the Images signifies your acceptance of this Agreement. PhotoGuy.Com (“I” or “Me”) provides you with the following rights to use the Images. These rights are granted only to you and you agree not to transfer, assign or sublicense any rights without my written permission.

Term. Any rights you are granted are limited to a term of either one year from the date of the Invoice, or the termination of your representation of the property, whichever occurs first (“Term”). Using the Images beyond the Term requires David Aronson’s written permission and may require an additional fee.

Rights. Images, including but not limited to all photographs, and all rights relating to them (such as copyright) remain the sole and exclusive property of David Aronson. I authorize you the limited right to reproduce, display, and distribute the Images only for promotional purposes directly related to the sale of the property. For example, you may upload the Images to the MLS or other relevant promotional websites, or use the Images in print flyers or marketing materials to promote the property during the Term. Any other use, including use by any third parties, requires David Aronson’s written permission prior to such use. If a third party asks you if they can use the Images, you must refer them to me. I reserve any rights you are not granted by this Agreement.

Review Period & Reshoots. Please review all Images upon receipt. If there are issues with the Images due to technical errors or equipment malfunctions, please notify me within 3 days of receipt and I will replace the Images at no additional charge. If there is an artistic difference or you request a reshoot for any other reason, I charge a reshoot fee determined by the number of images you wish to have reshot, but not less than half of the original base real estate photography package price.

Independent Contractor. You agree I am an independent contractor and not your employee. No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employee-employer relationship is intended or created by this Agreement. My Images are not to be deemed work for hire. All rights are contractual and expressly defined by this Agreement.

Indemnification. You have the necessary authority to allow me to enter the property, and have authorized me to enter in order to take photographs. You agree to indemnify and defend me against all claims, liability, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of my services to you or the creation or any use of the Images.

General Terms. This Agreement, including the attached Invoice, is the entire understanding and agreement between you and me, and supersedes any and all prior agreements. This Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with Florida law. If one or more provisions in this Agreement are found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such provisions will be revised only to the extent necessary to make them enforceable and the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not be affected.

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