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Photography & Videography For Real Estate, Interior Designers, Architects & Commercial Buildings - Fort Lauderdale - PhotoGuy.Com


First impressions start with visual marketing. Interior shots are properly lit to preserve the colors (no HDR shortcuts), and outside I use polarizers and graduated ND filters to preserve sky details. I use architectural tilt-shift lenses, full-frame sensor camera bodies and 1-7 studio strobes to properly light each room so they are bright and airy. I never contract out.


- 10 Photos With Off-Camera Flashes ($150) - Best for small homes, condos, townhouses, or when adding Photo Extras such as twilight or drone photos.

- 15 Photos With Off-Camera Flashes ($225) - Perfect amount of photos for the average Fort Lauderdale home. Larger homes will need extra photos.


- Each Extra Photo - Same Visit ($15 Each)

- 3 Drone Photos ($150) - [more info in drone section].

- 3 Twilight Exterior Photos ($100).

- Virtual Staging with 24 Hour Turn-Around ($42 per image).

- Small Object Removal in Photo ($20 Each).

- Single-Sided Photo Flyer For Open House ($50).


Drone photos and videos offer potential buyers a unique perspective of a property’s location. Even if the property does not have an ocean view, it is still great to see the surrounding neighborhood; such as the local park, school or shopping center. I use pro grade drones & I am an insured & licensed commercial drone operator.


- 5 Drone Photos ($150) - Photos can be included with the MLS with your indoor/outdoor photos that you already have or that I took for you.

- 30 Seconds of Drone Video ($150) - Video can be added to your indoor/outdoor footage to add an exciting big picture of the neighborhood and surrounding area. Or if you just need some aerial video footage, I can do that for you too.


- Each Extra Photo - Same Visit ($15 Each).

- Adding Text or Arrows To Photos ($20 per photo).

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