Real estate photography is not about the pictures, it’s about the value. Professional real estate photography can mean the difference of an overprice offer versus no offers. Images can make or break a sale and they are always the first impression that potential homebuyers see. Those photographs need to be sensational and this is why it pays to have a professional real estate photographer handling all of your images.

This isn’t simply taking photos of the property, which anyone can do. This is a detailed, calculated, and strategically planned photography session using lighting, cropping, and spending hours on customization and touchups highlighting the most poignant features of your home or property.

For real estate photography in Florida and throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, contact Professional real estate photography is a really new profession, one that is highly needed, especially for luxury or high-end properties.

With the specific real estate detail shots, I can highlight your property in the right context, the right time of day, and get the right buyers in the door. With my real estate photography tips, I can focus on the home itself, not specific pieces that may go with you when you move. As a real estate photographer, I avoid taking shots of the décor within the house and instead focus on things that will add value to the listing. I want to focus on capturing physically permanent elements within the home such as high-end kitchen appliances, en suite hardware, custom built-in shelving, and distinct architectural features. If the home has elaborate landscaping, high-end features, or exquisite finishes, I will focus my attention on those details using the staging and interior design of the property to enhance the photo rather than become the focal point.

For each home, property, or condominium, I use the right lens, the right camera, and the right time of day to not only enhance your property but add value to the listing.

Contact my office today to schedule your photo shoot, ask questions, or get a free quote on a real estate photography in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

More buyers than ever are utilizing the internet to identify or eliminate potential homes. Better composed images will always capture and hold the attention of viewers longer than poorly taken photos.

I use gear specific to real estate photography to produce awesome photos for your marketing. You wouldn't advise your clients to try to sell their own homes, so why would you do your own listing photography? Let me handle your visual marketing so that you can better focus on what you do best; sell homes!

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