Hi. I'm David Aronson. I am a husband, a stepdad, a commercial pilot and the photographer behind PhotoGuy.ComIn my spare time, I’m an avid traveler, photographer, & semi-unprofessional race car driver. Our home is in sunny Fort Lauderdale.

That's the short version about me (grin).


Destination: Anywhere.

Though I've made my living in the skies, and my home on a boat, I'm very well grounded. (No, I'm not a seagull).

Though my world is currently a many-hued blue, I walked a highly colorful career path to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a commercial pilot: From working at a car wash and the fast food window, to driving a school bus and limo, to teaching windsurfing and sailing, with a nod to side jobs as an Alaskan bush pilot and Grand Canyon tour pilot, then flying for a major airline. I have even had the fortune of experiencing life aboard a large variety of yachts as both Captain and First Mate.

Maybe it's because I had to create my own opportunities in life, but I still appreciate my career, currently flying VIP's all over the World. One could say that though I now transport the stars...I still prefer to navigate by them!

Picture Perfect.

Travel is an on-going passion of mine, and is a common subject of my stock images. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me daily travels and the photography provides a creative outlet to express myself. I usually have a camera in hand or close by to capture the world around me.

As a former commercial photographer, I primarily shot photography for advertising stock (travel, leisure and lifestyle) and did real estate photos and videos for agents and brokers. I still do commercial photography projects, but this is a part-time gig when I have the time.

I have sold photos as stock for marketing and as wall art for both commercial properties and personal residences, and have been featured in local television (WPLG News Miami), internet media (Examiner.com), newspapers (Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post) and magazines (Gold Coast and Pines Miramar Town Times).

Life Is A Grand Voyage.

I spent my formative years studying the arts- finger painting, couch forts, and etch-a-sketch. Once I learned to count to ten, things really started looking up… Now I love to travel with my wife - from soaking up the sun in her native Brazil to walking about in Europe. We love Italy and hope to live there for a short period of time when we retire. Maybe I’ll be a barista to support our wine and cheese hobby (grin).

Sometimes I just enjoy staying home and watching a movie with the wife and kids; my personal favorites are still, “Avatar” and “The Bourne Identity”. We love to BBQ. I recently purchased a clay BBQ/Smoker called a Kamado. So I’m learning new ways to burn a steak!

For fun I have attended a number of race schools earning a SCCA Full Competition Racing License. Now I belong to a number of track clubs (SCCA, NASA, Chin Track Days, Hooked On Driving and Performance Driving Group) where I put my skills to the test on a self-funded race team ;-)

Life is a grand voyage and I’m still enjoying the ride!

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